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  1. Information

    1. News & Announcements

      The most important news/announcements and the global news about our community can be found here.

    2. Guidelines & FAQs

      Extra Guides (usually player-made) that can help you in your journey here.

    3. Events

      Learn about our events, participate and win awesome rewards! This Events/Info are dedicated for any Server.

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  2. Nexon Servers

    1. Mu Online Nexon S14 1-3 x9999

      Want to play easy server, without grinding months for max stats?
      Want to PVP 24/7? This server is for you! On new Mu Online Nexon x9999 server
      everything is easy, 20 points per level, maximum experience (9999999 experience), +15 exc sets in, jewels, wings,
      on NPC, boxes that drops +15 New items on NPC, free RUUD just kill special mobs. Boss spots, like kundun spot, erohim spot,
      and others. High ancient drops on all maps.



  3. Support & Suggestions

    1. Help & Assistance

      Do you have a problem? Can't solve it on your own? Post here and we'll help!

    2. Suggestions

      o you have any idea to improve our Community? Share it with us! You can make suggestions for Servers, Site or Forum.

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    3. Bug Reports

      Have you found something wrong about our services? Please report it here and we'll solve it ASAP!

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  4. Nexon network Community

    1. General MU Discussions

      Free discussions about anything related to our MU Community.

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    2. Say Hello!

      Are you new/coming back to Nexon Mu Online? Say Hello!

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    3. Spam Zone

      Free chat, spam, trolls, emoji.

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  5. Graveyard

    1. Archive

      Graveyard for old topics.

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