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      The most important news/announcements and the global news about our community can be found here.

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      Extra Guides (usually player-made) that can help you in your journey here.

    3. Events

      Learn about our events, participate and win awesome rewards! This Events/Info are dedicated for any Server.

  2. Nexon Servers

    1. Mu Online Nexon S14 1-3 x9999

      Want to play easy server, without grinding months for max stats?
      Want to PVP 24/7? This server is for you! On new Mu Online Nexon x9999 server
      everything is easy, 20 points per level, maximum experience (9999999 experience), +15 exc sets in, jewels, wings,
      on NPC, boxes that drops +15 New items on NPC, free RUUD just kill special mobs. Boss spots, like kundun spot, erohim spot,
      and others. High ancient drops on all maps.



    2. Mu Online Nexon S14 1-3 x500

      Normal: x500
      Master exp: x500
      Max option: +16
      No Item shop on website!
      Soul + luck 95%, Without 70%
      Life: 70%
      New jewels: Jewel of Dark Bless =makes items +6, Jewel of Dark Soul= Makes items +9, Jewel of Luck= ads luck to item, 
      Drops all maps random
      Resets: from 400lvl *2KK zen, Stats burns, Free stats: 500


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      Do you have a problem? Can't solve it on your own? Post here and we'll help!

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      o you have any idea to improve our Community? Share it with us! You can make suggestions for Servers, Site or Forum.

    3. Bug Reports

      Have you found something wrong about our services? Please report it here and we'll solve it ASAP!

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  4. Nexon network Community

    1. General MU Discussions

      Free discussions about anything related to our MU Community.

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    2. Say Hello!

      Are you new/coming back to Nexon Mu Online? Say Hello!

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    3. Spam Zone

      Free chat, spam, trolls, emoji.

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      Graveyard for old topics.

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