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  1. Today
  2. It wont let me finished the quest admin. i already expanded my vault.
  3. Hi admin, can i ask where i can get the Jewel of Guardian! i never found one?
  4. Last week
  5. thaks, NPC quest are working and with little problem because Labyrinth Event soon we can have a Oficial FIX from IGC. thanks and sorry for that
  6. please provide Class and Character name
  7. Please check the Cent npc in lorencia, i wont let us teleport for the final mastery quest!
  8. Good evening sir, i have a problem with the ancient options of blue eye wizard set, the triple damage doesnt work, i hope you read this and fix them, thanks
  9. Earlier
  10. I have hunt Lord of Ferea few days ago, but after that since, Load of Ferea never spawn. But i keep seeing Admin words, ( Lord of Ferea - spawn in every one Hour ) But never spawn, i wait and wait and wait. Till i meet someone in Game, he said some times never spawn and didnt see like few days. is anyone facing this problem? Hope Gm fix this, thanks =)
  11. Solved u can quip Items with all Socket slot.
  12. Cheking that, thanks LuAnna and sorry for that. i tell u when is Fixed
  13. Hello, I have remove the sok... If you have only 3sok on cscepter and 3sok on sheild , is working to equipped both! Please check , to make both have 5sok. tnks
  14. Credits are Back but anyway accounts not back the credits let me known by PM and i will check!! thanks and Sorry for this inconvenience. Web Site can give some errors until Finish the new modules adaptations.
  15. Hi LuAnna i already check the DL and I could not see any error
  16. 1- Complete all quest from 220 2- please try to change weapon or remove it from your character and then try again.
  17. anyone know how to contact GM? is been a day since this happen
  18. Hello, i cant learn Multi shoot skill on my elf character, i have lvl and everything... should be just fine. Right mouse button and nothing 😕
  19. same... i lost 5k credits..
  20. Hello I had on the DL , sheild + scepter ( scepter 1 hand) , i make it +15 and add sok ... and now in can not equipt both. ( when one , when the other ... but now i can not both once .... before i do upgrade it works ) Please check on DL ( LuStark ) TNKS
  21. Hello Wengson I have the same problem !! But Max, announced they working at the website. Maybe when its ready, its come back to normal. TNKS
  22. Hello GM, i am happy to log in games today, but i found that my credit is 0, is was like around 1500 credit yesterday. Please check, thank you =)
  23. we known that, we are working at web site for the moment, reset only by Game. Thanks
  24. I can't reset in the Web. I found that there is /reset command, can be reset in the Game, but doesn't reward 10 Credit. Anyone Facing this problem? It said please logout from the game, I have picture to see, please check, thanks =) But i always log out before reset.
  25. Try put soul and bless in 1 pack of 30
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