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  1. thaks, NPC quest are working and with little problem because Labyrinth Event soon we can have a Oficial FIX from IGC. thanks and sorry for that
  2. please provide Class and Character name
  3. Solved u can quip Items with all Socket slot.
  4. Cheking that, thanks LuAnna and sorry for that. i tell u when is Fixed
  5. Credits are Back but anyway accounts not back the credits let me known by PM and i will check!! thanks and Sorry for this inconvenience. Web Site can give some errors until Finish the new modules adaptations.
  6. Hi LuAnna i already check the DL and I could not see any error
  7. 1- Complete all quest from 220 2- please try to change weapon or remove it from your character and then try again.
  8. we known that, we are working at web site for the moment, reset only by Game. Thanks
  9. You need add at item Upgrade Minim level +11 Minimum Option +16 https://youtu.be/i3KfBUstD24
  10. Mu Online displays 65534 points, if you have more, it goes around, but you still have it. Example in total you have 70000 stat points, but game will display only that you have 4466 points. What to do? Add for example 5000 stats and you will rest of your points. Why this issue exists? This is data base related issue (mssql) 32767 is signed integer and double of that 65534 is unsigned integer which are maximum values, so you can see which integer is server you play using. If server you play have add stats in website, use it. Regular commands to add stats /addstr adds strength /addene adds energy /addagi adds agility /addvit adds vitality /addcom adds comand (for fl only)
  11. Seson13 Part2-1 New accessory combination (modification) 1) New Wear Items - Earrings A. Wear items [earrings] are added . B. Morse can only be acquired through [Mastery Accessory Box] which is added to NPC. C. The entire class can be worn in common. "Rage earrings (left)" and 700 levels of wear limited "rage earrings (right)" is mounted in a dedicated slot. D. The earrings are updated every season, with 300 levels of "rage earrings (left)" and 700 levels "Rage earrings (right)" to wear together, you can get a set season effect. E. Earrings can be reinforced to +15 through Chaos Goblin Combination NPC's [Earring Enhancement] menu. F. Earring enhancement requires a new material item [three vacancies]. Rage Earring (L) Rage Earring (Right) Lv.300 Lv.700 2. earring earring 1) Morse NPC [Mastery Accessories Box] items will be added . A. You can open a box with one gem of blessing, and earring items with a certain probability. ※ You can obtain Miracle Coins From all Boss B. Accelerating Rings / Necklaces that were dropped from the field (Elven Land, Lost Tower, Atlantis, and Tar Khan) as a result of the accessory reorganization are now only available through Morse. 3. Earring Options 1) Attack power / horsepower / low main force figure and attribute defense value are held as a base, and the value increases according to the reinforcement . 1) Attack power / horsepower / low main force figure and attribute defense value are held as a base, and the value increases according to the reinforcement . 2) Earring of anger (left) and earring of anger (right) are randomly assigned one to three of five options, respectively . 4. Reinforced earrings 1) You can activate the Earring Enhancement popup via Noria Chaos Goblin NPC. 2) Earring enhancement will consume three vacancies and zen for each strengthening order. 3) Earring will not be destroyed even if it fails to reinforce. 4) If the earring is strengthened, the [Attack Power / Power / Low Focus / Attack Defense] is increased. 5. Accessory combination - three vacancies 1) You can create three vacancies through Noria Goblin NPC . 2) Two excellent rings have three vacancies, two excellent necklaces, three vacancies, and two excellent earrings combined into four vacancies. It is possible to mix up to 32 times 16 times. (Normal / set rings, necklaces are excluded from the combination) 3) If you combine 10 pieces of jewelry (Life, Creation, Soul, Chaos, Harmony, Guard) into each type, you will get one vacancy. - Bundles of jewels can not be combined in bulk. 4) The three vacant items are used as reinforcing materials for earrings.
  12. Blessed Weapons The best weapon in the world of MU Divine Archangel Weapon can be Upgraded It will increase the DMG and option but also special skills will be added to Divine Archangel Weapon. PREPARING TO UPGRADE DIVINE ARCHANGEL WEAPON FIRST INGREDIENT - UPGRADING DIVINE ARCHANGEL WEAPON To upgrade Divine Archangel Weapon, it needs to be +15 item level with +16 Jewel of Life option level PLUSS ARCHANGEL'S HAMMER To make 'Archangel's Hammer', you need to collect 10 Steel of Heaven from boss and field boss monsters. Archangel's Hammer can be created: Steel of Heaven + Jewel of Bless Bundle (10), Jewel of Soul Bundle(10), Jewel of Chaos, Jewel of Creation, Jewel of Guardian, success rate 100% To create Divine Archangel weapon you need: [AA weapon +15 +16] + [Archangels Hammer] + [Jewel of Bless Bundle (30), Jewel of Soul Bundle (30), Jewel of Life Bundle (30), Jewel of Chaos] 2) UPGRADED DIVINE ARCHANGEL WEAPON SKILL – ARCHANGEL’S WILL Skills Requirement Skill Type Method Target Equip Upgraded Divine Archangel Weapon Buff Skill After Skill has been Imprinted, use directly User and party members at the time of skill use. Skill effect To user character and party members within range: Damage +200 & Skill Damage +50 Buff will be active.