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  1. Hello, i cant learn Multi shoot skill on my elf character, i have lvl and everything... should be just fine. Right mouse button and nothing 😕
  2. Hello, im reporting this bug again, also make some screenshots. Cant create any part of Holyangel Set
  3. Hello i found bug, i cant create holyangel set on MG, please fix it. Have a nice day :)
  4. I notice mana potion bug, cant stock to 250 or whatever, max is 50.. and they disappear, bought 300 and after relog i have 3... Second thing is that DL is to powerfull, one hit me on 1000 lvl and blue angel set... and and SM too weak, please fix it.
  5. Hello, i have 879 lvl on my charakter, and its takes literally 10 hours to get 3 lvl, with panda and skeleton ring. It should be like this?
  6. And i have problem about exp, i have 879lvl and its take 10hours to get 3lvl... any ideas?
  7. Hello i must report some bug, i get Holy Angel Set for SM, in pvp its very poor, my damage its about 20k-40k but when i attack mobs damage is okay, previously i had bloodangel and it was much better in pvp, please fix it, because its not playable now also i bought skleton pet, and i didint get it.. Sekiro character...
  8. wheare i can find Talisman Elemental Change?
  9. Can someone please write all commands available on server? It is any cmd for rank up class, or we need to make quests?
  10. I cant login into game, have disconect at the main menu. Whats wrong, and how long its gonna take? Im really into this server 😄
  11. Hello, i have question about VIP, can some one tell benefits of having vip?