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  1. Use Luancher to make the update !!! Here is a list of what's fixed: Fixed MuQuest reward issue Fixed Party Move issue Fixed Jewel Bundles configuration among range of files and systems Fixed Socket mixes issues Fixed 3D Cam get automatically enabled after map move Fixed Blue Eye conversion mixes Fixed Chaos Castle invitation ticket not working Fixed Bonus Event drop bonus issue Fixed Golden Invasion visual effect Fixed Red Dragon invasion effect appearing on event square map Fixed ability to fix Pandora pick using stacked jewels Fixed option names in jewelofharmonyoption Fixed MiracleBoxShop Fixed jewels 14,500-508 do not stack automatically Fixed Kanturu event Fixed issue that was applying exp while staying in safe zone Fixed ability to "block" Nixie Lake event by a player Fixed 4th Enhanced Dark Side skill damage issue Fixed unavailability quests in Zyro NPC Fixed inventory expansion quest issues Fixed an issue causing sort of "lag" or "delay" while attacking monsters Fixed selection of options not workin in Blue Eye items Fixed Errtels upgrade invalid element issue Added Scramble EVENT Thanks, LuAnna
  2. 1. at moss , with miracle coin 2. drop in kalima 3.exchange chaos card
  3. Hello, I have remove the sok... If you have only 3sok on cscepter and 3sok on sheild , is working to equipped both! Please check , to make both have 5sok. tnks
  4. Hello I had on the DL , sheild + scepter ( scepter 1 hand) , i make it +15 and add sok ... and now in can not equipt both. ( when one , when the other ... but now i can not both once .... before i do upgrade it works ) Please check on DL ( LuStark ) TNKS
  5. Hello Wengson I have the same problem !! But Max, announced they working at the website. Maybe when its ready, its come back to normal. TNKS
  6. Hello, I know "Clow Bleast"drop in Crywolf.. but i fam there and no drop.. the ques: Where drop Clow Beast, or where we can find it !??
  7. Hello Max, Tnks, now i put the mace on my caracter. You find on LuAnna.
  8. Hello I have 2 problems: 1. I buy with ruud, BloodAngelRuneMace. And he give me BloodAngelRunicMace, simple !! no excelent , no option... nothing ! I know he need to be excelent and have some option ! The question is: can you give me back my 100k ruud! 2. I buy from X shop, jewel of science (i dont no what he du,after i buy it, i new he add skill on weapon) I add the jewel of science on the BloodAngelRunicMace... and... nothing happens, he dont add the skill. The question is: can you give me back my 250 wcoin! ---------------------------------------------------------- I am not angry on you, i know it's hard to get a server, but you have many BUGS ! do some thing about this !!! I attache a photo, with the mace. ( i make it +9 +add) ps: i play this server about 4/5 days.... i stay to kill kundun every night 4/5hours, some items drop about 6/7 times.. and oder items not at all. THANKS , awating a replay