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  1. Hello, I have remove the sok... If you have only 3sok on cscepter and 3sok on sheild , is working to equipped both! Please check , to make both have 5sok. tnks
  2. Hello I had on the DL , sheild + scepter ( scepter 1 hand) , i make it +15 and add sok ... and now in can not equipt both. ( when one , when the other ... but now i can not both once .... before i do upgrade it works ) Please check on DL ( LuStark ) TNKS
  3. Hello Wengson I have the same problem !! But Max, announced they working at the website. Maybe when its ready, its come back to normal. TNKS
  4. Hello, I know "Clow Bleast"drop in Crywolf.. but i fam there and no drop.. the ques: Where drop Clow Beast, or where we can find it !??
  5. Hello Max, Tnks, now i put the mace on my caracter. You find on LuAnna.
  6. Hello I have 2 problems: 1. I buy with ruud, BloodAngelRuneMace. And he give me BloodAngelRunicMace, simple !! no excelent , no option... nothing ! I know he need to be excelent and have some option ! The question is: can you give me back my 100k ruud! 2. I buy from X shop, jewel of science (i dont no what he du,after i buy it, i new he add skill on weapon) I add the jewel of science on the BloodAngelRunicMace... and... nothing happens, he dont add the skill. The question is: can you give me back my 250 wcoin! ---------------------------------------------------------- I am not angry on you, i know it's hard to get a server, but you have many BUGS ! do some thing about this !!! I attache a photo, with the mace. ( i make it +9 +add) ps: i play this server about 4/5 days.... i stay to kill kundun every night 4/5hours, some items drop about 6/7 times.. and oder items not at all. THANKS , awating a replay