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  1. I think i have to stick in buying seal and keep lvling O.O BTW DS +7 total waste of time
  2. Thanks for the reply, since i have no time to play games, always play alone, I been leveling in Kubera Mine from lvl 850 to lvl 900, it took me hours for 1 lvl (with panda and panda ring)
  3. Hello Admin, may i know is there any guide for leveling? so that players can easily know where to leveling. Im now stuck in lvl 900, and i havent try Devil Square 7, i can't found DS+7 invitation in the Shop, so have to get from drops. is leveling super slow if i didnt use any SEAL to boost up the % EXP. Thanks =)
  4. I have hunt Lord of Ferea few days ago, but after that since, Load of Ferea never spawn. But i keep seeing Admin words, ( Lord of Ferea - spawn in every one Hour ) But never spawn, i wait and wait and wait. Till i meet someone in Game, he said some times never spawn and didnt see like few days. is anyone facing this problem? Hope Gm fix this, thanks =)
  5. anyone know how to contact GM? is been a day since this happen
  6. Hello GM, i am happy to log in games today, but i found that my credit is 0, is was like around 1500 credit yesterday. Please check, thank you =)
  7. I can't reset in the Web. I found that there is /reset command, can be reset in the Game, but doesn't reward 10 Credit. Anyone Facing this problem? It said please logout from the game, I have picture to see, please check, thanks =) But i always log out before reset.