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[EVENT]Hunt the Pouch of Blessing Monster!!!

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all Players START today or tomorrow get 10k Stat FREE!!!

Hunt the Pouch of Blessing Monster!!!
this happens only in NEXON MU!!

these strange and well-known creatures appear in
Lorencia "60"
Devias "50"
Noria "50"

you can get the following items

<!--Third Wing Box--> "ALL 3rd class Wings random"
<!--Horn of Fenrir--> "RED"
<!--Jewel of Dark Bless-->
<!--Jewel of Dark Soul-->
<!--Jewel of Dark Life-->
<!--Jewel of Excess-->
<!--Jewel of Luck-->
<!--Jewel of Science-->
<!--Jewel of Kundun-->
<!--Jewel of Wisdom-->
<!--Elite Healing Potion x100 -->
<!--Elite Mana Potion x100 -->
<!--Small SD Potion x100 -->
<!--Jewel of Guardian x10 -->
<!--Jewel of Creation x10 -->
<!--Ancient Hero's Soul-->
<!--Miracle Coin-->
<!--Mysterious Stone-->
<!--Jewel of Kondar-->
<!--Golden Sentence x5 -->

the event end 05/30/2019

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